Automated CX analysis using AI

Reduce time and costs spent on analysis. Increase precision in customer insight

How it works
Your Customer submits feedback

Customers are no longer limited to in-house feedback surveys. They’re ready to share their experience in-house, on Facebook, Google, and your local food app. Not to mention, they’re more vocal than ever. Vee Smart helps you make sense of all the data for quick feedback turnover.

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Smart real-time analysis

Vee automatically collects customer reviews across all channels in real-time. Using AI technology, Vee reads and precisely analyzes the data to capture customer beliefs, needs, patterns and trends.

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Visualize detailed reports

Big data sets can be overwhelming. Vee eliminates paralysis by analysis and makes sense of it all in one flexible and user-friendly dashboard. Your CX team can visualize detailed insights to make more effective decisions, powerful predictions and increase sales.

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Real-time analysis

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Consistent criteria

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Deeper customer understanding

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